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There’s also the easy-to-use wireless keypad with backlit keys that can be installed anywhere, six entry sensors designed for protecting your doors and windows, and two motion sensors that can detect movements (perfect guard against intruders). Completing the package is a loud siren that can be triggered to set off an alarm in case of security breach, a smoke detector that can quickly sense smoke before a full-blown fire breaks out, and a key fob that can be used as a remote method of arming and disarming your system.

All SimpliSafe home security systems are easily controllable via the companion SimpliSafe app. You can opt to beef this system up with a 24/7 professional monitoring service amounting to $15 per month with no contracts needed. You can bring home the Knox or 13-piece kit for only $275 on Amazon.

If you want your home security system to cover more than just the bad guys, the Haven bundle might just be what you need. This package has the sensors and detectors necessary to help prevent expensive home insurance claims brought on by water and fire damage.

A base station, a wireless keypad, four entry sensors, two motion sensors, a key fob, a smoke detector, and a siren are all included in this bundle. What makes it different from the Knox, however, is the inclusion of a panic button, a freeze sensor, and a water sensor. With the panic button, you can take instant action against burglary and other emergency situations. The freeze and water sensors, on the other hand, are put near the thermostat and your water heater to detect a drop in temperature as well as potential leaks and flooding.

The Haven 14-piece kit is currently up for grabs on Amazon at a sale price of $275. Similar to the Knox, it can also be paired with a 24/7 professional monitoring service at $15 per month.

Just like SimpliSafe, this Ring Alarm package can be upscaled with a 24/7 monitoring service with cellular backup and 60 days of unlimited video recording. Service fee is $10 per month after a 30-day trial.

Take advantage of Amazon’s offer and bring home this Ring Alarm 14-piece security system for only $229 – that’s a cool savings of $100. The 5-piece and 8-piece kits are also discounted if you’re looking for a smaller-scale system. You’ll also be getting a base station, a keypad, and a range extender, but with lesser motion detectors and contact sensors. Sale prices are $139 and $169, respectively.


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